Shipping Policy & FAQs

Shipping Policy & FAQs


We ship from our warehouses located at US, UK and/or directly from our supplier. Delivery times might be different according to your country and product availability.

How much it cost?

We offer FREE Worldwide Shipping. Some products may be excluded eventually from the FREE Shipping promotion. If free shipping does not apply, shipping cost will depend on the product weight, package dimensions and country of destination.

How long does shipping take?

Estimated delivery time:

North America
United States 15-20 days
Canada 30-60 days
Mexico 23-60 days
South America
Brazil 30-60 days
Chile 20-50 days
Colombia 20-60 days
Peru 40-60 days
Rest of South America 30-60 days
Spain 15-20 days
Portugal, United Kingdom, France 20-50 days
Switzerland 15-30 days
Italy, Netherlands 20-40 days
Rest of Europe 20-60 days
Central America 30-60 days
Russian Federation 15-20 days
Japan 15-20 days
Phillipines 30-50 days
Singapore 15-45 days
Malaysia 20-45 days
Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates 20-40 days
Rest of Asia 30-60 days
Africa 30-60 days
Australia 15-25 days
New Zealand 20-40 days
Rest of Oceania 20-60 days


Factors such as delayed logistics and customs clearings may have an impact on the delivery time.

Shipping might take longer in special dates, Christmas, Black Friday, holidays.

Promotional Free Products delivery times are longer than regular products and tracking might now be available for some countries.

Some product might be shipped and/or arrive separately according to product availability at our warehouses.

These times are estimated delivery times, some products may be delivered sooner, some products may take longer. If you want to make sure how long takes delivery for a specific product please ask one of our agents at our live chat or by email at

** Check the product page for special delivery times warnings. **

When will my order be shipped?

Once your order is placed we'll verify your shipping details are correct. If we see something is missing we'll contact you by email asking for the missing information. Please be kind enough to respond to the email that we are sending, otherwise, your order will be cancelled. We cannot guarantee the arrival of your order if the shipping information is incomplete. The fulfillment process takes between 3-6 business days. Once your order is fulfilled you'll receive a notice with your tracking number.


Our company is not responsible for any charges made buy your country's customs agency (if applies). Before placing the order please make sure you understand how customs in your country works. Depending on the product, we will be shipping from US, UK or China.

When you place an order you agree you understand how customs in your country works, and any law related to the product you are buying. 


If the courier is not able to deliver the product due to an incorrect/incomplete address OR if there's no one to receive the parcel at the specified address, you might need to pick up the product from their office. Please keep an eye on the tracking so you make sure you receive the product. 

If the courier can't deliver the product and you don't pick it up from the office, the product will be sent back to us. If that's the case we can send the product again once we receive it. Please notice that we can only resend the product once. If your address is incorrect or you missed something, please contact us as soon as possible, if not, the product will bounce again and there's no refund.


I've ordered more than one product but I've received only one. Where are my other products?

If you order more than one product, you might be receiving them separately. If that's the case you'll receive a notice by email once the order is confirmed so you know how many shipping to expect, and you'll receive a notice once we ship each product with the corresponding tracking number. 

Why I didn't received any order confirmation?

We recommend to check your SPAM folder. If your email is not there, please check the email you entered at your profile is correct. We send 3-4 emails, including an order confirmation, a fulfillment notice, and a shipping notice.

If you believe you may have entered your email wrong please contact us and we will fix it for you.


How is that you are offering Free Shipping?

We reach over 1M customers daily all around the globe. This is why we partner with high profile brands that want to develop their world-wide market share. There's no better advertising than placing your product in the customers' hands.

Not every company can easily set up a worldwide operation, if you don't master the process you might end up loosing a lot of money, so our partners provide us their top quality products and we deliver them worldwide.

*reference example

Please also read our Refund Policy to know more about free products.


How can I contact you?

If you have any inquiries with our site or regarding the FAQs, please contact us at
If you have inquiries regarding your orders you can contact us at so the message is addressed to the right department and we can reply you faster.